Spanner migration tool

Spanner migration tool (SMT) is a stand-alone open source tool for Cloud Spanner evaluation and migration.

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We have changed architecture of the minimal downtime migration and added Pub/Sub notifications component. There are changes on required permissions to run the migrations because of the new component. Please go through Permissions page and design page of the documentation.

Spanner migration tool is a stand-alone open source tool for Cloud Spanner evaluation and migration, using data from an existing PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle or DynamoDB database. The tool ingests schema and data from either a pg_dump/mysqldump file or directly from the source database, and supports both schema and data migration.

What does Spanner migration tool do?

Schema migrations

Spanner migration tool is designed to simplify Spanner evaluation and migration. It automatically builds a Spanner schema from the schema of the source database. This schema can be customized using the web based schema assistant UI. Expect that you’ll need to tweak and enhance what Spanner migration tool produces.

Data migrations

Spanner migration tool supports production grade minimal downtime migrations using GCP services (Datastream and Dataflow). It can also be used to do small scale on-prem POC migrations to get a feel of Spanner.

  • Minimal Downtime migration - This is the production ready, recommended mode of migration for most databases. It provides a unified interface to configure an end-to-end pipeline to transfer both existing and new data from source database to Spanner. More details about minimal downtime migrations are here.

  • POC Migration - This mode is useful to get up and running quickly to get a feel of what migrating to Spanner would look like. This mode of migration uses the local machine’s resources (on which SMT is running) to write data to Spanner. This is an offline migration for migrating moderate-size datasets to Spanner(up to about 100GB). More details about POC migrations are here.

Reverse Replication

To launch reverse replication, refer details here.

Monitoring Dashboards

To find out how to monitor your migration, refer here.

Supported Sources and Targets

  • Schema Migrations: SMT supports schema migrations for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLServer and Oracle.
  • Data Migrations: SMT supports minimal downtime migrations for MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle, and POC migration for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLServer and Oracle.

About the project


Spanner migration tool is an open-source project and we’d love to accept contributions to it. Details on how to contribute are listed here.


Spanner Migration tool is licensed during the Apache 2.0 License.

Spanner migration tool is an officially supported Google product. Please reach out to GCP support to get help.