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Group policy reference

You can use Active Directory group policies to configure policies for IAP Desktop. Policies take precendence of user settings: When you configure a policy, users can't change the respectice setting anymore.

IAP Desktop supports the following policies:

Policy Default Synopsis
Enable update checks On Periodically check for updates on exit.
Enable data sharing Off Share anonymous usage data to help Google improve and prioritize features.
Enable BeyondCorp certificate-based access Off Secure connections to Google Cloud by using BeyondCorp certificate-based access.
Enable Workforce Identity - Set provider to use for workforce identity federation.
Enable Private Service Connect Off Use custom Private Service Connect endpoint to connect to connect to Google APIs.
Enable HTTPS proxy - Set proxy server or autoconfiguration URL.
SSH key type - Set key type to use for SSH public key authentication.
SSH metadata key validity - Lifetime for SSH keys published to Compute Engine instance metadata and OS Login.

For more information about using group policies to manage IAP Desktop, see Use group policies to manage IAP Desktop.