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Customizing Modules

After you have forked the official RAD Lab repository, you can customize it to match your organization's needs.

Changing Default Values

In your forked repository, you can simply go to the /modules/[specific_module]/ file and change the variable's default value.

Changing Layout

Editing the UI Meta is the quickest way change the grouping, ordering, and dropdown selections of variables.


Creating T-Shirt Sizing

If you'd like to offer small, medium, and large deployment options to your data scientist users, you can do the following:

  • Copy the /modules/data_science module into three modules
    • /modules/data_science_small
    • /modules/data_science_medium
    • /modules/data_science_large
  • Within each of these modules, change the default values to correspond with the t-shirt sizing
    • (Example)
      • /modules/data_science_small may have 50GB disk and use a small machine type
      • /modules/data_science_large may have 1000GB disk, use a large machine type, and have an attached GPU
  • Publish the modules for your users
  • A user will see the three options and can easily pick the size that works for them