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Project Status

Project status: beta

Current API version: v1beta2

If you are currently using the v1beta1 version of the APIs in your manifests, please update them to use the v1beta2 version by changing apiVersion: "<version>" to apiVersion: "". You will also need to delete the previous version of the CustomResourceDefinitions named and, and replace them with the v1beta2 version either by installing the latest version of the operator or by running kubectl create -f manifest/crds.

Customization of Spark pods, e.g., mounting arbitrary volumes and setting pod affinity, is implemented using a Kubernetes Mutating Admission Webhook, which became beta in Kubernetes 1.9. The mutating admission webhook is disabled by default if you install the operator using the Helm chart. Check out the Quick Start Guide on how to enable the webhook.



The easiest way to install the Kubernetes Operator for Apache Spark is to use the Helm chart.

$ helm repo add incubator --force-update
$ helm install incubator/sparkoperator --namespace spark-operator

This will install the Kubernetes Operator for Apache Spark into the namespace spark-operator. The operator by default watches and handles SparkApplications in every namespaces. If you would like to limit the operator to watch and handle SparkApplications in a single namespace, e.g., default instead, add the following option to the helm install command:

--set sparkJobNamespace=default

For configuration options available in the Helm chart, please refer to Configuration.

Version Matrix

The following table lists the most recent few versions of the operator.

Operator Version API Version Kubernetes Version Base Spark Version Operator Image Tag
latest (master HEAD) v1beta2 1.13+ 3.0.0 latest
v1beta2-1.2.0-3.0.0 v1beta2 1.13+ 3.0.0 v1beta2-1.2.0-3.0.0
v1beta2-1.1.2-2.4.5 v1beta2 1.13+ 2.4.5 v1beta2-1.1.2-2.4.5
v1beta2-1.0.1-2.4.4 v1beta2 1.13+ 2.4.4 v1beta2-1.0.1-2.4.4
v1beta2-1.0.0-2.4.4 v1beta2 1.13+ 2.4.4 v1beta2-1.0.0-2.4.4
v1beta1-0.9.0 v1beta1 1.13+ 2.4.0 v2.4.0-v1beta1-0.9.0

When installing using the Helm chart, you can choose to use a specific image tag instead of the default one, using the following option:

--set operatorVersion=<operator image tag>

Get Started

Get started quickly with the Kubernetes Operator for Apache Spark using the Quick Start Guide.

If you are running the Kubernetes Operator for Apache Spark on Google Kubernetes Engine and want to use Google Cloud Storage (GCS) and/or BigQuery for reading/writing data, also refer to the GCP guide.

For more information, check the Design, API Specification and detailed User Guide.


The Kubernetes Operator for Apache Spark aims to make specifying and running Spark applications as easy and idiomatic as running other workloads on Kubernetes. It uses Kubernetes custom resources for specifying, running, and surfacing status of Spark applications. For a complete reference of the custom resource definitions, please refer to the API Definition. For details on its design, please refer to the design doc. It requires Spark 2.3 and above that supports Kubernetes as a native scheduler backend.

The Kubernetes Operator for Apache Spark currently supports the following list of features:


Please check and the Developer Guide out.