This page contains documentation for Daisy.

What is Daisy?

Daisy is a solution for running multi-step workflows on GCE.

Workflows are broken down into steps. Daisy’s current set of steps includes support for creating/deleting GCE resources, waiting for signals from GCE VMs, streaming GCE VM logs, uploading local files to GCE and GCE VMs, and more.

For example, Daisy is used to create Google Official Guest OS images. The workflow:

  1. Creates a Debian 8 disk and another empty disk.
  2. Creates and boots a VM with the two disks.
  3. Runs and waits for a script on the VM.
  4. Creates an image from the previously empty disk.
  5. Automatically cleans up the VM and disks.

Other use-case examples:

Getting Started

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