Daisy Workflow Styleguide

Recommendations from the GCE team about how to style daisy workflows.

Workflow file naming

Use .wf.json for workflow names and prefer underscores in file names.

For example:

Workflow naming

Use dashed names for workflow names. Name": "my-awesome-build"

Step naming

Use dashed names for steps such as create-build-disk. Don’t use camel case for step naming as this looks too much like the Steps themselves.

For example:

"Steps": {
  "create-build-disk": {
    "CreateDisks": [
        "Name": "disk-debian-build",
        "SourceImage": "projects/debian-cloud/global/images/family/debian-9",
        "SizeGb": "10",
        "Type": "pd-ssd"

Resource naming

Name resources with a prefix denoting the resource type. This will make it much easier to reference these resources. Use dashes instead of camel case or underscores for resource names. Short hand is acceptable as long as you are consistent throughout. Obviously, if the resources are not ephemeral (if they are to be used outside of the workflow), name them whatever suits the need.

Variable naming

Name variables all lowercase with underscores and make them explicit. For example, don’t name a variable image instead use an explicit name debian_image or debian_base_image. Upper case variable names are reserved for Daisy autovars.

"Vars": {
  "debian_base_image": "projects/debian-cloud/global/images/family/debian-9"

Variable annotations

Any variable can include a description, which is useful in and of itself as an annotation. Required variables should always include a description. The description will be printed to the user in case they forget to define the required variable. Optional variables do not explicitly need a description but it is helpful to annotate the purpose of the variable for users of the workflow.

"Vars": {
  "image_size_gb": "10",
  "image_name": {"Required": true, "Description": "The name of the resulting
  image being created."},
  "debian_base_image": {"Value": "projects/debian-cloud/global/images/family/debian-9",
                        "Description": "The Debian base image family to build
                        an image from."}

Subworkflow usage