Prebuilt binaries

Prebuilt Daisy binaries are available for Windows, macOS, and Linux distros.

Built from the latest GitHub release (all 64bit):

Built from the latest commit to the master branch (all 64bit):

Daisy container

Daisy containers are available at All the workflows in compute-image-tools/daisy_workflows are put in the workflows directory at the root of the container.

Daisy containers built with the beta Compute api

Build from source

Daisy can be easily built from source with the Golang SDK

go get

This will place the Daisy binary in $GOPATH/bin.


The basic use case for Daisy looks like:

daisy [path to workflow config file]

Workflow variables can be set using the -variables flag or the -var:VARNAME flag. The -variables flag takes a comma separated list of key=value pairs. Both of these examples set the workflow variables foo=bar and baz=gaz:

daisy -variables foo=bar,baz=gaz wf.json
daisy -var:foo bar -var:baz gaz wf.json

For additional information about Daisy flags, use daisy -h.


Daisy will send logs to Cloud Logging if available. If the API is disabled or the account Daisy is running is under does not have permission to write log entries (the logging.logEntries.create permission), Daisy will still send the logs to GCS and stdout by default.

What Next?

For information on how to write Daisy workflow files, see the workflow config file specification.